Seamans Hut, Kosciuszko National Park, NSW, Australia – Title: Suns last raise – Code: T1HT34283P

The Story

This shot was taken on a back country trip where I was camping for 5 days at Seamans hut. The ice build up on the rocks are actually from moisture hitting the rock and freezing, generally during a blizzard. The ice actually forms on the windward side of the rock, it makes some pretty wild shapes.

Michael Seamans Hut 7649Seamans Hut is a very special hut to me, it was built after two adventurous backcountry skiers lost their lives to the elements, it was funded and built by the families of the two skiers.

I love Seamans hut because it has protected me many a time whilst venturing into the highest parts of the Kosciuszko National Park. I’ve been protected from blizzards and torrential rain, I’ve been warmed up from the cold winter and cooled from the suns heat. Seamans hut stands as a beacon of strength and protection.


SKU: T1HT34283P