Near Mawsons Hut, Kosciuszko National Park, NSW, Australia, Title: Winter reveals – Code: SN82

The Story

I took this snow gum very close to Mawsons Hut, I stayed out there for three nights, it seemed to blizzard the whole time. It was one of the hardest walks in to reach the hut because of the snow conditions and it was all up hill my skis where useless, so I had to go on foot, you where sinking down into the snow up to your knees, my legs where cramping constantly. I was so grateful that two hours later, when I got to the pass, I was able to put the skis on and ski the last three kilometers down to Mawsons Hut.

Getting out was a challenge as well, it was a total white out with big winds, so I plotted the coarse on my GPS in the hut and then set off. This was the first time I’d ever used a GPS device in a white out, at one point I was sure that the GPS was wrong, so I waited 10 minutes in the gale, to see if it would clear to get a bearing, and it did clear, all be it for a brief moment. I was able to see some rocks and a tree that I recognized from the trip in, and new that the GPS had me going in the right direction.

I also had to cross a river in the white out, so it was off with my shoes and pants and across I went. Upon reaching the other side, frozen and with thumb feet, I discovered that the buckle that attaches the hip belt on my backpack had fallen off, for when you cross a river you make sure your backpack is not buckled up just in case you fall in the water. Now with the heavy pack that I carry, due to the camera gear and the fact that all that weight is on that belt, this was not a good situation for me. I found the buckle on the ground just where I exited the river… bloody lucky!

It took me two hours to descend out of the white out, I was very relieved but exhilarated at the same time.


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