“The One” imagery, are true investments in Fine Art and can be truly part of your families ancestry. Michael chooses imagery that has a special significance to him during his journey to create beautiful imagery of our incredible planet. There will only be one printed image ever produced at any one time, but the purchaser owns the right to destroy the original printed medium and print it again on any surface they wish, when ever they wish. The image can be passed down through generations and still be reprinted hundreds of years later. This inshore that the images are a true investment, always looking its best, can be reprinted if damaged and can be reproduced on the most current print medium technology. “The One” imagery is printed on some of the most fade resistant photographic print mediums available on the market today. “

The One” imagery are a true investment, it can be truly part of your families ancestry, it can pass through history because of the ability to be reproduced at anytime after the current print has been destroyed.

Every year after the introduction date of each image in the “The One” Gallery, the price of that image will be increase by 35% from the previous years price, until the image is sold or reaches 10 years from the unveiling of the image on “The One” Gallery. This in turn raises the value of the “The One” imagery that has already been purchased.

“The One” Imagery Purchase/Value Structure over the 10 years

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
$5000 $6750 $9112 $12301 $16607 $22420 $30267 $40860 $55162 $74468

Michael personally hand signs all “The One” imagery and they come with a certificate of authenticity.

The purchaser will be able to use “The One” imagery for personal use such as promotion, digital displays etc, but must ask for permission from Michael Scott Lees. If the purchaser wishes to use the image on any commercial bases where income is created from the image, then a 5% royalty of the retail value of a product or 30% of any usage fee for the image will be owed to Michael Scott Lees. Once again permission for this must first be granted by Michael Scott Lees.

If the purchaser wishes to on sell the image to someone else then a 10% royalty of the purchase price will be owed to Michael Scott Lees. The sale of any of “The One” imagery must be done through Michael Scott Lees to ensure the integrity of the Michael Scott Lees purchase agreement. All reprinting must be done through Michael Scott Lees.

The purchaser will be given a low resolution file of the image for personnel use. The high resolution file will always be keep with Michael Scott Lees.

For more information on “The One” Imagery Purchasing Agreement please contact Michael