View In Your Home

This is where you send me a photo, taken from your phone, of the wall you are thinking of displaying the image on and the image code and size you are thinking of purchasing. I’ll superimpose my image onto your wall at the correct dimensions and send the image back to you. This will give you a good idea of the artworks size on your wall and how it will look with your furnishings.

For me to do this you need to put an A4, or US letter size sheet of paper, in an upright, front on position, somewhere in your shot and I’ll be able to work out the correct dimensional size of the image for your room, from that sheet of paper. You could even use Blue Tac to hang your sheet of paper on the wall. If you don’t have a sheet of A4 just measure the lenght of an item in the shot and give me those measurements or put something in the shot and tell me how long it is, either way I’ll be able to work out the size of the superimposed artwork on your wall in the photo.

Its important to photograph the wall as front on as possible, but try and get in as much of your furnishings as possible, plus its a good idea to get some of the ceiling and floor in, as this will give you a height reference (see sample photo below). Also make sure that your photo is as sharp as possible just so that you can get the best idea of how the artwork will look.

Once you’ve taken the photo of your wall you can contact me and I’ll send you an email back with the details of how to send the image to me and then I’ll get the mockup underway.

Example of what to have in your wall photograph