All the print media I offer, with regards to image quality and their fade resistance, are one of the best, if not the best, on the market today.

“Archival-Prints”/”Giclee Prints” are Museum-quality Fine-Art prints. These prints are made with an ultra-high-resolution fine-art printer, using the very finest archival inks and papers. Independent testing by Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc. (a world-leader in image-longevity testing) has established that these “Archival Prints”/”Giclee Prints” will last around 200 years before any noticeable shift in color integrity occurs. This longevity is achieved when stored in total darkness and under the right atmospheric conditions.

Under standard office lighting (which is one of the lowest forms of lighting), with no outside light, color integrity will have around the following longevity.

Media Frame under glass In darkness with best atmospheric conditions
Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper (250) 85 years 300 years
Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper (260) 83 years 200 years
Epson Premium Semi matt Photo Paper (260) 83 years 200 years
Media No glass In darkness with best atmospheric conditions
Epson Premium Canvas – Satin no coating 46 years 200 years
Epson Premium Canvas – Satin with coating 60 years 200 years

The reality of having any artwork, whether it be painting, sketches, giclee prints etc, is that the greater exposer to light, the more an artwork will fade. Once again the reality of how long one of my printed media pieces will last, before signs of fading, is heavily dependent on the amount of light and also the type of light that the piece is exposed too. The data above will give you a basic idea of the pieces longevity. But if you get any direct sun light on an artwork its longevity is drastically shortened. So to be able to quantify accurately how long will my printed imagery lasts in a room that gets an average amount of ambient sunlight is hard to answer as all rooms receive differing amounts and intensities of sunlight .

I need to state again that everything fades, painting, sketches, giclee prints.