Teddy’s Hut, Kosciuszko National Park, NSW, Australia

I finally got to visit Teddy’s Hut and what a cute little hut it is. Its located near the start of the Thredbo river. My good fellow adventurer Mark Hutson came with me and we spent four nights exploring the area. Teddy’s Hut has been recently fixed up, from memory it was missing walls and close to falling done. Its been restored very well, there are still gaps between slab and the floor is dirt, but I love that, You just need to rug up a bit more. It got a bit smoky in the hut at one point but it made for interesting light as I photographed the old glass bottles up above the fire place. We need to really look after all the huts in Kosiouszko National Park, they are part of Australia’s heritage and area welcome and sometime urgent escape from the harsh weather that the mountains can so suddenly muster up.