An 8000 metre suit in Kosciuszko National Park… are you crazy!

So I’m sure a lot of you are asking what are you doing in an 8000 metre suit in a lot of your trips where your only at around 2000 metres… actually I hope some of you are saying smart boy. I first came up with the idea 30 years ago to have a sleeping bag that had arms and legs, purely so that when I slept, I wouldn’t be so constricted. As your mummy designed sleeping bags make it really difficult to move around inside the bag, but the reason for this was so that you stay warmer. Then 9 years ago I saw a Marmot 8000 metre suit on special for $800, I was in the US at the time, and I needed a new sleeping bag, so I thought buggar it, I’ll buy it and see if I get to hot sleeping in it. Well the overall answer to that is NO, due to our moist snow environment the down isn’t as efficient so its warming ability is reduced making it a very comfortable sleeping bag as I can move my arms and legs where ever I want too. Plus I can even photography wearing it in the mornings when its really cold. It’s an excellent emergency garment as I can walk in it if an emergency arises, pray that never happens. So if you see this silly looking guy in a orange and red 8000 metre suit out in the Australian backcountry carrying a camera on a tripod, then just yell out “are you warm enough Mike?” and you’ll get a big thumbs up with an even bigger smile.