Print Media

Limited Edition and Open Edition Prints are all Archival

These archival prints are the most fade resistant photographic prints on paper, available on the market today. Archival prints are Giclee prints (inkjet prints). These prints last around 83 years behind glass under normal office lighting without sign of fading. Each image is available in a set number of sizes and each of these sizes has a print edition limit. Limited edition prints are digitally signed with the edition number and Michael’s signature. Archival images are available in Semi Gloss or High Gloss.

Chromaluxe Prints

Chromaluxe prints are imagery printed onto metal (aluminum), the metal coupled with the heavily coated clear surface gives a  crisp, high definition, waterproof, scratch resistant, stain resistant and chemical resistant finished print. Easily cleaned with a glass cleaner, lightweight and long lasting metal prints are becoming the choice for commercial, fine art and home decor applications. Chromaluxe prints last around 64 years under normal office lighting without sign of fading. Because of Chromaluxe’s waterproof characteristics it can be displayed in bathrooms where it’s impervious to daily moisture scenarios from showering. You can have Chromaluxe Prints displayed looking as though it is floating off the wall, which gives a nice clean modern look or they can also be framed.  The suppliers of Chromaluxe prints claim that metal prints are the longest lasting photo medium in the current market.

Chromaluxe is available in:

  • Ultra Gloss – the most popular surface, for when you want whites to appear white and for more natural color and skin tones. It a brilliant high gloss surface for highly saturated color and clear detail. A modern look and suitable for all images.
  • Semi Gloss – is between Ultra Gloss and Matt, this surface ensures the richness of the Ultra Gloss on a more matt surface to cut down on reflection.
  • Matt – this softer more natural surface is ideal for when reflection may be an issue.


Canvas images are produced with the same high quality inks as the Archival Prints and comes in set sizes and unlimited in the number of canvases produced. The canvas uncoated in normal office lighting will last around 46 years before signs of fading, coated it can last around 85 years without signs of fading under normal office lighting. The canvas surfaces available are Matt or Semi Gloss.